IHC seeks details of individuals responsible for recording audios

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The Islamabad High Court (IHC) stopped the special parliamentary body from taking action against former chief justice (CJP) Saqib Nisar’s son on Wednesday and demanded information from the government on the individuals responsible for recording audios.

The comments were made by Justice Babar Sattar while he was deliberating on a petition brought up by Najam Saqib against a special committee appointed by Raja Pervaiz Ashraf to look into audio leaks purportedly including his voice.

Justice Sattar also overturned the Registrar’s Office’s objections to the application and stayed the summons notice the special committee had issued to Najam.

The court also sent notifications to the federal government, requesting that it provide an analysis of the audios’ provenance by June 19.

The question is, “Who records these audios?” Justice Sattar enquired further about the legal basis for the special committee’s action, requesting an answer from the federal government.

The petitioner’s attorney, Latif Khosa, informed the court that the special committee will follow the same procedures as the ordinary committee.

The judge said that he would need to add the ministry in question as a party to the lawsuit.

“We only contested that the speaker and the assembly lack the power to inquire into private matters,” Khosa continued. The Supreme Court’s ongoing case is not contested in the petition.

“The audio leak is an alleged conversation between two private individuals that Parliament has no right to see,” the speaker insisted.

The judge said, “You’ve also served as a Governor. Who makes these audio recordings, please?” To which, Khosa attorney said, “Let the parties respond first, then everything will be clear.”