IHC suspends MPO arrest for Shehryar Afridi, Shandana Gulzar

IHC orders indictment of DC and SSP Islamabad terming their statements unsatisfactory

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The Islamabad High Court (IHC), while deciding to indict the Deputy Commissioner and SSP Islamabad, remarked that the law has been made a farce, every court declares the MPO null and void, and you then issue the MPO.
The Islamabad High Court suspended the arrest orders of Shehryar Afridi and Shandana Gulzar under the 3MPO.

Justice Babar Sattar heard the case of the release of Shehryar Afridi, arrested under the 3MPO. Shehryar Afridi was produced before the court while DC Islamabad also appeared in the court. He read out the magistrate’s order to arrest Shehryar Afridi.

Justice Babar Sattar inquired about the evidence in the report that they were planning the attack. DC Islamabad said that the IB’s report was that Shehryar Afridi could attack the district court. Justice Babar asked, “You have not asked the person giving the report how he is instigating people from jail.”

Dc Islamabad replied that my eyes and ears are intelligence agencies; special branch had also given a report.

Justice Babar Sattar remarked, “Do you know what you are saying, an accused is arrested in jail and you are saying that he is instigating people, the day you were to be released, you remembered to order this? You keep in mind that the punishment for contempt of court is six months imprisonment.

Justice Babar Sattar directed the DC to respond keeping this in mind. “When has the situation become tense?” he asked. The DC said that such a situation was arising on August 8. Justice Babar Sattar remarked that what had happened in Islamabad that the situation seemed tense.

DC Islamabad said that the SHO was asked whether threats were coming, the court called the SHO to the road.

The SHO told the court that I was transferred a day ago and I took charge the same day, to which Justice Babar Sattar remarked that let’s save your life. “I was on leave on August 7.

“What they are reading is a mockery of the police system,” the court observed.

During the hearing, IG Islamabad Akbar Nasir Khan appeared in the court. IG Islamabad told the court that action is taken on the basis of apprehensions before the incident takes place and we have taken these actions to maintain law and order situation.

Justice Babar Sattar remarked that the report of the Special Branch is just a joke, if the Constitution has to be run according to the law, then run it like this, has the DC replied to the show cause notice. The DC said that the show cause reply has been submitted.

Justice Babar Sattar remarked that IG Sahib this is a big issue, we have made a mockery of the law, the court takes a decision and you go and then remove an order against it, the Supreme Court has made it clear that you have to give reasons for the MPO.

On the next hearing, DC Islamabad will be indicted in the contempt of court case.

The court also termed the response of SSP Operations as unsatisfactory and decided to indict SSP Operations as well. He issued a notice to IG Islamabad and directed him to provide the names of the concerned officers.

Sher Afzal Marwat advocate said that he is ready to give an affidavit, no one has met Shehryar Afridi for a month and eight days, the officers present here have made a false statement to the court.

The court sought the record of the meetings with Shehryar Afridi in Adiala Jail, while the superintendent of the jail was asked to know who met Shehryar Afridi in Adiala Jail.

Justice Babar Sattar said that show the notification giving power to the Deputy Commissioner to issue an MPO order, where is the notification in which the Deputy Commissioner has been given this authority? If that notification does not exist, then there is no need for so much discussion.

The court suspended the arrest order of Shehryar Afridi under the 3MPO.

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has barred Shehryar Afridi from leaving Islamabad. The court directed that Shehryar Afridi will stay in his Islamabad house, if anything happens to Shehryar Afridi, then DC and IG Islamabad will be responsible, ensure the safety of Shehryar Afridi.

Affidavits were sought from DC Islamabad and IG Islamabad.

The case was also heard against the arrest of Shandana Gulzar. Shandana Gulzar came to the rostrum with her lawyer Sher Afzal Marwat.

The court inquired whether the DC has a daily meeting; the DC said that there was an IB report in this case. The court asked, “Where is the material that provoked the people.”

The Islamabad High Court also suspended the arrest order of Shandana Gulzar under the 3MPO and ordered her release.