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I’m 80% confident natural gas won’t be accessible in next year, claims Dr. Asim

Former federal minister for petroleum Dr. Asim Hussain has said that he was 80 percent confident that natural gas would not be accessible in Pakistan by the next year.

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader speaking to media representatives outside the accountability court on Friday said that he had predicted in 2012 that there would be no gas after the next 10 years if the policy was not implemented. He said that the same thing happened as he had predicted and now he was 80 percent certain that there won’t be gas during next year.

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Asim said that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif had declared that the annual cost of energy was $27 billion. He said that when he had left the ministry there was about four billion BCF (billion cubic feet) of accessible natural gas and today there have been approximately 2.5 billion BCF.

He further said that if it loses another billion the remaining finances won’t be adequate.

He also said that energy was needed by the nation and its citizens and little development had been achieved in the area in the past. He said that he believed that the nation would have a serious financial catastrophe in the future if the cost would grow from $27 billion to $5 to $10 billion more.


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