Imaan Mazari arrested again from outside Adiala Jail immediately after release

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Imaan Mazari, a human rights activist, has been arrested again immediately after her release on bail.

Mazari was arrested by the Islamabad Police from outside Adiala Jail immediately after she was released.

Mazari had filed a post-arrest plea in a sedition case, and on Monday an anti-terrorism court in Islamabad granted the bail.

Judge Abul Hasnaat Zulqarnain of the ATC heard Imaan Mazari’s bail request. Her mother Shireen Mazari appeared in court with the defence team.

Imaan Mazari’s remarks from a political rally were read aloud in court per the court’s orders.

The prosecutor said that the USB report had not yet been received when it came to the human rights activist’s request for bail. He continued by saying that a forensic analysis of the speech must be done.

Following the conclusion of the proceedings, the judge granted Imaan Mazari’s request for release on bail.

It is important to note that Imaan Mazari’s post-arrest bail application was due today. The hearing on Saturday was adjourned without action.