Imran announces to file petition of Rs10 billion fine on CEC for fake cases against him

Won Kurram elections without any campaign, says PTI Chairman

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has announced to file a petition to impose a fine of Rs10 billion on the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) for making fake cases against him.

Addressing the rally at the start of the fourth day of PTI’s long march, Imran Khan said that the dishonest CEC is like a servant of the Sharif family. He said that people have been very warmly welcoming the long march and the way our long march is being welcomed by a huge crowd we cannot cover a distance of more than 10-12 kilometres a day.

Calling on to the CEC he said Chief Election Commissioner I am talking to you; further adding that he has not seen anybody as corrupt as the CEC. He said that the CEC has tried to disqualify him illegally. He said that the institutions will be strong when the nation will stand with them.

Talking about the CEC he also said that he is getting the instructions and following them. I did not even run any campaign for Kurram elections but won the seat. Imran also said that after receiving the amount fine he will donate that to Shaukat Khanum Hospital. He said that the Funding and Toshakhana cases were made up to appease the ruling gang of thieves.

Speaking about media coverage he said that the coverage of the long march was stopped because they [the government] were seeing the march getting close to Islamabad. Imran Khan requested the Chief Justice of Pakistan to hear the case of Shahbaz Gill as well.

He said that the corrupt were given NRO by Musharraf and now again they have been imposed upon us. He also stated that the people of Pakistan were humans, not any livestock. He urged the people to reach Islamabad in any case as the decisive time had come for the country.

He said that winning elections on seven out of eight seats was a record. Despite the ban on mainstream media, social media has been showing everything to the people of Pakistan and across the world.


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