Imran called supporters to reach D-chowk, report submitted to SC

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Despite the clear direction of the court on May 25 to restrain PTI near Srinagar Highway, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan remaining adamant had called his supporters to reach D-chowk, the intelligence agencies have told the Supreme Court (SC).

The report has been submitted by Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Intelligence Bureau (IB) after the apex court had directed them on May 26 to ascertain facts.

The submitted report has stated, “Even after the Supreme Court’s clear instructions/order, Imran Khan in his video messages at 18:45 & 21:54 hours again reiterated his intention/gave call to his supporters to reach D-Chowk, Islamabad.”

The report also stated, “As per Imran Khan all barriers/obstructions would be removed by the Govt following SCP [Supreme Court of Pakistan] order. The same video massage (18:45 hours) was also aired on ARY News at 19:38 hours.”

According to the report, PTI leaders Shireen Mazari, Fawad Chaudhry, Sadaqat Abbasi, Saifullah Niazi, Usman Dar and Shehbaz Gill had encouraged their party protesters to reach D-Chowk through their tweets.

It has also been stated that after the order of the Supreme Court maximum restraint was shown by Police, Rangers and Frontier Constabulary (FC) but groups of people led by their leaders kept moving in the opposite direction of Srinagar Highway towards D-Chowk.

The protestors were motivated to cross barriers and even confront law enforcement agencies (LEAs) as per the directions of their leadership. The report also stated that the protestors were armed with wooden sticks and even stones pelted on LEAs along with setting ablaze trees and bushes.

According to the report, LEAs had to resort to tear gas shelling as a result of protestors’ behaviour and to prevent them from entering the Red Zone. It has been said that the crowd was organized to enter the Red Zone.

The report has said that a group of party workers led by the PTI leaders Saifullah Niazi, Imran Ismail, Raja Khurram Nawaz Shahzad, Ali Nawaz Awan, Muhammad Rafique Awan, Mian Amjid Vice Chairman UC F-8, Malik Aamir Dogar, Zartaj Gul, and Shireen Mazari congregated near Islamabad Stock Exchange building at Jinnah Avenue.


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