Imran denies possession of original Cipher copy

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    PTI Chairman Imran Khan, during a hearing before the joint inquiry team of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), revealed that he had never seen the original Cipher Papers’ copy. This disclosure, made in a statement to the FIA team, removed any suspicion of violation of the Official Secrets Act.

    Imran Khan informed the team members that the Foreign Office had provided a concise summary of the original materials, which he presented during a party meeting. The FIA investigation team was informed that there was no secret code included with the summary of the original documents.

    The PTI Chairman added that being a political figure, he had the constitutional right to present his party’s stance to the public.

    In response to the query about the whereabouts of the original Cipher copy, Imran Khan advised the team to seek information from the Foreign Secretary, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States, or the Foreign Office.

    During the inquiry, FIA sources revealed that Imran Khan’s cooperation with the investigative team was amicable. However, it was also stated that some of the questions posed to the PTI Chairman remained unanswered, and thus, the possibility of seeking clarification from him again in the first week of August is open.