Imran getting relief from courts shows he is above law: Marriyum

Information minister says all institutions responsible for establishing writ of government

Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb said on Saturday that all state institutions were responsible for the establishment of the writ of the government.

“Allowing the accused to come to courts with crowds would give a message that the justice system and law in Pakistan were afraid of terrorists, thugs, goons, threats and abuses,” she said while addressing a press conference.

Stating that Imran’s antics were giving the wrong message that powerful people were above the law, the minister said that Imran Khan was not afraid of playing with national interests, hatching conspiracies and blatantly violating the law and the Constitution.

The minister questioned whether the justice system was “afraid of terrorists and petrol bombs”. “When a Ladla (a darling), a hooligan, a scoundrel comes to courts like this and he gets a bundle relief package from the court, it gives the wrong message,” she maintained.

She said that Imran Khan illegally dissolved the National Assembly fearing the success of the no-confidence motion by compelling the President, Speaker and Deputy Speaker National Assembly to violate the Constitution.

The minister said Imran Khan had brainwashed the youth and has been instigating them to attack the state and national institutions.

She lamented that “a thief, a terrorist and corrupt person” was still at large. She reminded that Imran Khan has not appeared in this case since the start of its hearing in the Election Commission of Pakistan from August 18, 2022.

She rebutted Imran’s statements in the foreign media in which he had claimed that he had been given bail by the court. The minister termed Imran a habitual liar who gives excuses of his old age and health problems.

Rejecting Imran’s claim about bail in Toshakhana case, she said if he had bail why he presented the excuse of disability and disease and why he did not show the police personnel the bail orders who had come to arrest him. She also questioned why Imran gave the undertaking if he had secured bail.

She said that today, Imran Khan was going to Islamabad with gangs of goons armed with batons and weapons. “Popular political parties do not need people from banned organizations to protect them,” she remarked.

She said this person was involved in hitting the policemen and attacking police vans with petrol bombs but he was not given punishment. The minister said if such a person gets relief from the court, then the state loses its importance.

This person, she added had blown up the court orders in the air as the police had gone to Zaman Park to implement the court orders of his arrest.

Marriyum Aurangzeb said that tens of thousands of citizens of Pakistan stand in queues in hope of justice from courts every morning carrying files of pending cases for years. In contrast, she said Imran Khan goes to the courts for bullying and gets relief.

Marriyum said that it was completely unfair if a person who has been committing terrorism in broad daylight got a relief from the court.

She said all the PML-N leaders including Nawaz Sharif, Shehbaz Sharif, Hamza Shehbaz, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Miftah Ismail, Khawaja Saad Rafique, Salman Rafique, Hanif Abbasi and others presented them before the court during the fascist rule of Imran Khan and never resorted to violation of law and the Constitution.

She said the ribs and bones of journalists were broken during the rule of Imran Khan while some of them were either shot in their bellies or kidnapped for criticizing his government’s performance. The international magazines declared Imran Khan a “predator” for journalists.

The minister said “fascist Imran Khan” looted the country with both hands after sending all the opposition leaders behind the bars and now he resorted to violence, vandalism and arson when the courts were asking him to answer about these crimes.

She said Imran Khan should show some courage and present himself before the court to clarify that he did not steal watches from Toshakhana if that be the case.

Whether all the accused persons could take that plea before the courts that they could not appear before the courts for having life threats, the minister questioned, adding Imran Khan did not care about the life threats when he resorted to attack the courts and state.

She said Imran Khan was accompanied by the Gilgit Baltistan Chief Minister for his hearing in a court in Islamabad so that he could get full security from the GB police. He had pit the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police against the Federal and Punjab security forces during his long march and today he wanted to use the GB police for the same purpose.

He was also accompanied by an armed force of his workers to prevent his indictment in a case today by creating a fearful environment.

She said Imran Khan was responsible for economic turmoil, unemployment and inflation in the country.

Marriyum said terrorism was rearing its head in the country due to Imran Khan led government’s policies.

There were no innocent people hiding in Zaman Park residence of Imran Khan, rather they were armed terrorists, she said, adding that a popular leader did not seek support of the banned outfits to achieve his objectives.

The minister said that the Punjab Police had concluded an operation at residence of Imran Khan in Zaman Park after an anti-terrorism court issued search warrants.

Unravelling PTI’s nexus with anarchy, Police recovered slingshots and petrol bombs while miscreants were firing at police personnel from inside the residence, she added.

The minister said that the PTI has transformed itself into an armed group which harbours extremist ideology and practices unconstitutional politics of agitation. Pakistan, she said was bigger than any political party and there was no room for destructiveness and savagery aimed at creating chaos and lawlessness.


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