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Imran goes at ‘neutrals’ all guns blazing

Asks whether they are neutral or not, if not why they are damaging the country

The former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Sunday asked the ‘neutrals’ why he was ousted through a ‘foreign-funded’ vote of no-confidence in parliament, saying that his only crime is that he has not accepted the imported government.

“Now PEMRA is also in the game. What has Imran Khan done? His only crime is that he is not accepting this imported government,” he said while addressing a public gathering at Liaquat Bagh in Rawalpindi.

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Imran revealed that people who come to his residence to support him get calls from agencies, asking why they were there. “I want to ask whether you are neutral or not. If not, then why are you damaging this country so much? Why do you want
to stand with these people (the current government)? Do you think the nation will believe these people who have been looting this nation for the past 30 years,” he questioned.

He said that when police resorted to violence at PTI’s May 25 rally, they were informed that they had orders to do so. “It means they were under pressure from the neutrals,” he added.

Imran said that the chief election commissioner is giving all his verdicts against PTI as they wanted to disqualify him but when they seek information they get replies that they are under pressure from the “boots” now in Shahbaz Gill’s case, police say they are
under pressure… whatever is happening in Pakistan will be blamed on you,” he said while addressing the neutrals.

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During his address, a video clip was also played in which Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leaders can be seen issuing statements against the military and judiciary. Imran asked why Shahbaz Gill is being treated any differently.

“I’m saying all this today because I know their plan. I know what Mr Y is planning but let me tell you today that Imran Khan will not budge even if you throw me in jail… I will never go abroad… I will live and die in this country.”

He said whatever is being planned including his disqualification will damage Pakistan.

“PTI is the only federal party in Pakistan right now. PTI has the power to unite. The army alone cannot keep a country united… political parties do that. If you weaken PTI you will weaken the country,” he added. The former premier said that if PTI is pushed against the wall, the country will face a situation similar to Sri Lanka.

“If we step aside who will stop these people from making the current situation even worse in the country? There is only one way out and that is free and transparent elections, he added.

He said that a plan has been made to systematically suppress PTI, adding that they are trying to make an example out of Shahbaz Gill. “He was abducted, stripped naked and beaten… we were told by our lawyers what they did to him,” he added.

Imran said that he did not want to end his May 25 rally but he did so anyway to avoid bloodshed in the country. “I will not rest until I give real freedom to my people.”

PTI chairman asked the “neutrals” if people would accept the “cabal of crooks” who looted the country for the past three decades just because they were with them. He questioned if neutrals were not with the ‘thugs’, then they were allowing what was happening with the country. Put me in jail, it will not make any difference, he added and said that Mr. Y’s plan – who was encamped in Islamabad – was to get him disqualified, making Shahbaz Gill an example for others and suppressing media. But it would not make any difference, said Imran Khan.

Nobody could stop Pakistan from becoming Sri Lanka if there would be no political forces, Imran Khan warned. He reiterated that the only way out of the prevailing crisis was free and fair elections in the country.



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