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Monday, February 6, 2023
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Imran hopes new establishment will distance itself from ‘Bajwa’s policy’

Former prime minister Imran Khan stated on Saturday that he had believed the new military leadership would have immediately disassociated itself from the eight months of the previous army chief’s “activity against the PTI.

Imran said that for the second time in less than two months, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) detained Swati on November 27 for a “very unpleasant campaign of intimidating tweets… against state institutions.”

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The PTI leader was also the subject of separate first information complaints (FIRs) in Sindh and Balochistan for using “derogatory language” and “provoking the public against the army.”

In a series of tweets today, Imran denounced the senator’s “vindictive” treatment and questioned whether the entire nation is shocked at the vindictive cruelty Senator Azam Swati is being subjected to and for what crime.

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The PTI chairman claimed that because of the current imported government’s reputation as a mere puppet government, Pakistan and its military in particular are “being seen more negatively by the international media.”

He hoped that the new military leadership would cut ties with Bajwa’s fascist acts against the PTI, the media, and dissenting journalists.

Imran proclaimed that Swati was a heart patient and requested that she be released right away.

Separately, Imran issued a warning in a speech to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Parliamentary Party, saying that “if anything happens to Swati, we will go after everyone responsible for his arrest.”

He claimed that the treatment of the PTI senator represented the height of persecution. “What did he do wrong? All he did was a tweet, and for that, he was tortured.”

Imran also instructed party members to get ready for the elections. “We will dissolve the assembly this month and move toward elections, whether they [the administration] come into elections or not.”

He emphasized that PTI was only willing to speak with the coalition leader about elections and threatened to dissolve the assemblies where his party was in power if that didn’t happen.

The former PM continued by saying that Pakistan needed early elections in to assure political stability and restore confidence among businesses, investors, and the rest of the world for Pakistan to grow economically.


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