Imran Khan advised full rest to avoid complication of injured leg

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Imran Khan has been recommended to take a full rest by the Shaukat Khanum Hospital’s medical staff so that any complication of his injured leg could be avoided.

According to reports, the medical board has advised Imran Khan to take a rest because, if he does not, swelling in the injured limb may worsen and provide a danger of infection.

PTI leader Sibli Faraz said in a tweet that Imran Khan was injured again on his already injured leg due to jolting during his appearance before the Lahore High Court.

On the other side, according to medical team of Shaukat Khanum Hospital, if Imran Khan does not take proper rest then the swelling could get worse and might require another surgery in that case.

If there is an infection triggered on by swelling, another operation will be performed.

The medical board has urged Imran Khan to refrain from unusual movement and from applying pressure on the injured leg.

Imran Khan’s leg injury was intensified after he appeared before the Lahore High Court yesterday. PTI Chairman had travelled to the LHC to appear before it for bail in cases registered against him.

Imran Khan was taken to the hospital, last night, after swelling and pain in his leg.

The leg of former prime minister was injured in Wazirabad during his long march on November 3. His surgery was performed in Shaukat Khanum Hospital.