Imran Khan announces to celebrate SC verdict tomorrow

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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan has announced to celebrate the Supreme Court of Pakistan’s verdict tomorrow.

PTI Chairman said that the Supreme Court has announced a big verdict that is according to law and Constitution, Sharif family has a history of making judiciary controversial. He asked his party supporters to celebrate over the verdict of rule of law. He also paid tribute to the lawyers for standing with Supreme Court.

Addressing through video link, Imran Khan said that the Constitution was clear about holding elections within 90 days. He said that he always had faith in rule of law. He said that he was always told that they will not conduct elections but he had faith in justice system.

PTI Chairman said that the ruling coalition did not want to go into elections because of their fear of loss. He said that they have been pressurizing the judges. The today’s verdict is historical and the nation should celebrate it.

He alleged that a London plan was made to crush PTI and Imran Khan, he condemned police action on his Zaman park residence. He said that the economy of the country was worsening every day and the government still had no plan for recovery.

Former prime minister said that there was not even surety of elections in October because economy was shrinking. He asked how would they conduct elections at that time and where will the money come from for that time.

He said that there was only plan to assassinate him before October. He said that only elections were the way of getting the country out of the chaos.

PTI Chairman also criticized the caretaker governments by saying that they were totally biased against PTI.




  1. Elections now or never.Law of necessity has been buried for ever however some loved have been exposed who is who and with whom?
    Secondly if the recent decision of 4th of April with the same bench with the same suomoto is wrong why then the same suomoto of 9th April was welcomed and branded the right one.

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