Imran Khan becomes most followed politician on TikTok

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Imran amassed over 3 million followers on TikTok within 24 hours of creating an account. The former prime minister’s following continued to soar with more social media posts, so it was evident that this was not the end of it.

Imran Khan is now the most popular politician on TikTok with 6.7 million followers. With 12 uploads over this period, he has also accumulated 40.7 million likes. He presently has more than 450 million views on the app.

Imran Khan is now way ahead of El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele, who has 6.4 million followers currently. The President of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, is 3rd on this list with a follower of 4.4 million.

Currently, Colombian President Gustavo Petro has 1.7 million followers, trailing only French President Emmanuel Macron with 3.9 million.

While Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni presently has 1.2 million followers, American Senator Bernie Sanders has 1.4 million. With more than 822,000 followers, US lawmaker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the only person on the list to fall short of the million-follower threshold.

Imran Khan’s TikTok following is now growing, and this trend will likely continue shortly, especially if he continues to publish often every day and averages over 5 million views each post.

His most popular upload has already received close to 200 million views.