Imran Khan expresses willingness to contest elections under CEC

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has expressed his willingness to contest the elections under the supervision of incumbent Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Sikandar Sultan Raja.

According to a media report, Imran Khan has said that there was no choice other than this.

Admitting backdoor contacts, the former prime minister said that political parties keep backdoor contacts open, further adding that the establishment could have prevented his government from falling.

Imran Khan also said that he had also explained to the establishment that if the opposition succeeded on the vote of no confidence, they will not be able to handle the country’s economy.

Imran Khan has previously urged CEC Sikander Sultan Raja to resign. He had stated that he had not seen a more dishonest election commissioner than Sikandar Sultan Raja in this country.

Talking to media after winning the by-polls, he alleged that Sikandar Sultan was PML-N’s man inside the election commission, adding that this election was held by the ECP in cahoots with the government.

He had said that Raja did not allow electronic voting machines (EVM) because with EVMs they could not have rigged the elections. He also disclosed that they had moved Supreme Judicial Commission and their case was being heard.


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