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Imran Khan says Islamabad march to give US message of nation’s freedom

Khan calls on workers to assemble people from across country, prepare them for ‘true freedom’ movement

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan on Tuesday announced that he would take to the streets and march to Islamabad to send America a message that Pakistan was a “free country”.

Addressing lawmakers at a ceremony in Peshawar, he called on his supporters to assemble people from across the country and prepare them for the “true freedom” movement.

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“We will take to the streets, march to Islamabad and give a message to America that we are a free country. We will give them the message that we’re an honorable country which won’t become anyone’s puppet. We will tell them that we will not accept this imported government in any way,” Khan said.

He recollected that America’s stratagem of “regime change” in Pakistan was comparable to what it did to Iran in the 1950s and then Chile.

“They first gave money to the media outlets and turned them against the government. Then they bought politicians of the ruling party and later fed money to the opposition,” he said.

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“This is what they did in Pakistan too,” the PTI chairman said.

He also said that the party was going to hold a Shab-e-Dua (an evening for prayer) on Ramazan 27.



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