Imran Khan the only PM who didn’t spend state money on AJK elections, says Tanveer Illyas

    In a fiery interview with a private news channel Azad and Jammu Kashmir, former Prime Minister Tanveer Illyas has alleged PTI chairman Imran Khan of being the only Prime Minister who did not spend public expenditures on AJK elections stating that every sitting govt allocates almost Rs5bn.

    When the host asked Illyas about the exact amount of funds he provided to the PTI administration, he claimed that not only in elections but he provided funds to the PTI government many times. Every sitting government, in accordance with the national custom, contributes money to the AJK and GP new administration to aid in the efficient operation of the province. Illyas, however, asserted that despite Imran Khan’s federal government’s vow to give AJK Rs 5 billion, no funds were provided.

    Former AJK PM revealed his first meeting with Imran Khan which also included, Ali Amin Gandapur, Arshad Dar, Amir Kiyani, Imran Ismail, and Saif Ullah Niazi.

    “I announced a huge sum of money for the party on which Imran Khan shab was very happy but for few seconds and said that nobody has ever provided us this much donations.” It should be kept in mind that Tanveer Illyas didn’t reveal the actual sum despite the host’s continuous queries.

    However, Illyas’ assertion that the funds had not been distributed to the members marked a significant turning point in the discussion. Sardar Tanveer Illyas claimed, “I was forced to pay money three or four times under the guise of party donations, but it was never distributed to the members,” Sardar Tanveer Illyas stated.

    Sardar Illyas accuses Imran Khan of being a fraud as he continues to narrate another event involving the NUML university map that the LDA was not approving. While I was with him, someone approached Imran Khan and requested his assistance with regard to the approval of a map. After he departed, Imran Khan walked over to me and asked, “What do you think about getting Rs1bn over this Rs2bn project?”

    Earlier in a video message regarding the 9 May riots, Sardar Tanveer Illyas criticized his party chief Imran Khan for “attacking” the institutions and creating a “gulf” between the military and the people.

    Ilyas claimed in a video statement that Imran Khan and other PTI officials had been instilling distrust in people’s minds towards institutions for a year.

    However, Just like every other case in Pakistan, Sardar Illyas till now have failed to provide any solid proof of these severe allegations.


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