Imran Khan urges PTI protesters to remain peaceful

After the Supreme Court declared the arrest illegal and ordered immediate release, Imran Khan directed the PTI protesters to remain peaceful.

Imran Khan said in a statement released from the Supreme Court that the nation shouldn’t suffer, that the workforce should maintain peace. He said that he didn’t want anarchy, but only the elections.

Imran Khan said in the court that yesterday the lawyers told him that there was anarchy, people come to the court for justice. He said that he was beaten with sticks.

PTI Chairman said that he was not showed any arrest warrants. He told the court that he did not know what had happened in the country after his arrest.

Imran Khan said that he would like to give a message to his supporters to remain peaceful. He urged his supporters to be peaceful and not cause any damage to public property or create any anarchy.

On the other side, PTI, after Supreme Court’s order and Imran Khan directive, has directed all supporters to remain peaceful.