Imran Khan’s actual medical reports deny Qadir Patel’s allegations

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According to Imran Khan’s blood and urine test results, which are on file with the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), there is no indication that he has ever used cocaine or alcohol.

The medical records of Khan do not support what Federal Health Minister Abdul Qadir Patel stated a few days ago, according to the sources.

The source said that all of the health indicators of Imran Khan were normal, according to the medical records. Khan’s blood and urine samples were taken while he was under NAB’s custody, and that the reports from these tests are NAB’s property for the same reason.

In a news conference a few days ago, the health minister had alleged that Imran Khan’s medical examination, conducted while he was being held in custody for a corruption case, revealed evidence of cocaine and alcohol usage.

Patel had cited the study created by a group of five medical professionals. He said that the preliminary medical assessment had shown that “toxic chemicals” like alcohol and cocaine had been used.

The PTI Chairman’s mental soundness was allegedly called into question by the health minister, who reportedly promised that the government will make Imran’s medical report public. Independent medical specialists have previously refuted the health minister’s charges, calling them “not only ridiculous but also unfounded”, he had claimed.

After Health Minister Patel stated that “traces of alcohol and cocaine were found in the former premier’s urine analysis,” the PTI chairman has since issued Patel with a defamation notice.

The Defamation Ordinance 2002 was used to submit the legal notice, which was sent as a result of the “dissemination and circulation of wrongful, baseless, false, misleading, erroneous, malicious and defamatory information” against Khan during the minister’s news conference on May 26.

It stated that the former premier’s “mental stability” was “questionable” and that the minister had “dishonestly…alleged” during the news conference that Khan’s medical tests had revealed traces of alcohol and cocaine in his urine sample.