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Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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EditorialImran Khan's audio leaks

Imran Khan’s audio leaks

In a Hollywood-style turn of events, it has become known to the public that the so-called conspiracy theory against former prime minister Imran Khan was nothing but an exaggerated farce. As per the leaked audio, the PTI chief can be heard talking to his close aides, Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Asad Umar, along with his principal secretary, Azam Khan. All four of them can be heard hatching a plan to create the conspiracy that they later used when the National Assembly dismissed Mr. Khan. At the time, this fabrication gave Khan the spotlight, he was looking for. However, now, this has become an embarrassing defeat on his part, which he will not accept given the persona of the man.

Imran Khan came to politics with the vision of turning Pakistan around and making it into a successful nation. His agenda remained that of truthfulness and honesty. As the years progressed and PTI became more and more popular, he started focusing solely on anti-corruption policies, and oftentimes he singled out people and called them multiple uncouth names. When he became Prime Minister, he could not handle the pressure, and his cabinet failed miserably at making sound policies in Pakistan, and an outcome of this he blamed the previous government. The economy started losing whatever was left of it, and the other parties jumped to the conclusion that the PTI-led alliance had now become unfit to serve. Therefore, the ouster of the prime minister was initiated. This was unacceptable to the man who had always thought of himself as the untouchable and perfect man who was Jinnah incarnate and had been sent by God on a mission to “fix” Pakistan. So the man, hatched a new plan of foreign conspiracy, as he knew the idea would sell, and to date, he has clung to his earlier claims.

Now that the plan-hatching audio is out in the open, the former prime minister must stop his hooliganism. It can be clearly heard that in the conversation between the four people that a communication received from the Pakistani ambassador in Washington was manipulated and turned into something it was not. However, to date, the former prime minister-even after the audio leak-is claiming that what he and his close aides have been saying is the truth and that a conspiracy was carried out against him and his government, and consequently Pakistan as a whole.

The apex court now must look into the cipher on his request as it is of utmost importance to see what was in the letter. It is time to settle the matter so that this issue can become a thing of the past. Pakistan has better and more important things to focus on than some bogus conspiracies hatched by a power-hungry man-child who is having a hard time coming to terms with his ouster.

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