Imran Khan’s bail extended till July 19; won’t tolerate injustice, remarks ATC judge

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An anti-terrorism court in Islamabad extended Imran Khan’s bail in six cases till July 19.

Islamabad Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) heard three cases registered against Imran Khan, in which Justice Abul Hasnat Zulqarnain called for a transparent investigation.

The PTI chairman reached the Islamabad High Court (IHC) before getting the biometric done.

ATC Judge Abul Hasnat Zulqarnain said during the hearing of the cases that Imran Khan should be called here first, it is a matter of kings, and he does not know that the case has been called. Call the registrar, send them here first.

Imran Khan’s lawyer Salman Safdar told the court that three cases are pending before the court today.

Several people were detained during police and Rangers raids in Korangi and Landhi. The organizers of the rally in Korangi and several participants were also identified.

Imran Khan’s lawyer said that the investigating officers have cooperated a lot in the cases pending in Lahore, in all these cases there are plaintiffs, witnesses and investigating police, in this situation we have to give justice to us.

Judge Abul Hasnat Zulqarnain said that the details of the cases against the PTI chairman should be given.

On which the lawyer said that cases were registered against Imran Khan for burning tires, the investigation of all three cases under the Terrorism Act was completed yesterday.

During this time, the court stopped the prosecutor from arguing in the middle and said that I will listen to everyone but first listen to the petitioner’s lawyer. The lawyer of Imran Khan said that the prosecution wants arrest in every case.

The ATC judge said, “We are sitting here only to do justice to the extent of bail, justice is that if a person is innocent, then make it innocent, justice is that if he is guilty, then commit a sin, I will not tolerate it at all, there should be a transparent investigation, I will not allow this traditional action, I am saying moderately, without fear, in a transparent tone.”

Judge Abul Hasnat said, “Who will put a bell around the cat’s neck?” We have to save this country, investigate with justice, I am a very clear servant, I will not compromise on it, if there is any injustice in the investigation, I will not leave, and I will take action against the police according to the law.”

Lawyer Salman Safdar requested the court to give a date of July 19. Justice Abul Hasnat said, “Provide the material you have.”

Bail applications in 11 cases registered against PTI chairman:

The hearing on bail applications in 11 cases registered against the PTI chairman was held today.

On May 9, the hearing of the incidents and other eight cases was held in the Sessions Court.

Two cases each have been registered in Tarnol police station and Shahzad Town police station, these four cases were heard in the judicial complex, and the Sessions Court was shifted to the judicial complex for a day for the hearing of the cases registered against the PTI chairman.

According to the notification, the court was transferred with the approval of the Chief Commissioner of Islamabad.

A case each has been registered in Karachi Company, Kohsar, Ramna, Secretariat, these four cases were also heard in the judicial complex.

Three cases were heard in the Anti-Terrorism Court Islamabad. The court extended the interim bail of PTI chairman and Bushra Bibi till July 19.

Six cases transferred to another judge:

On the other hand, PTI chairman and Bushra Bibi reached the court of Sessions Judge Tahir Abbas Sapra and Judge Farrukh Farid. During the hearing, Judge Tahir Sapra said that if the investigation is not involved, then I will give the verdict on the next hearing.

The PTI chairman filed a petition in the Islamabad High Court (IHC) seeking transfer of six cases to another judge. But due to the absence of Chief Justice Islamabad, today’s list was canceled.

The transfer petitions of six cases of the PTI chairman were fixed with objections, in which it was requested that the case be transferred from Judge Tahir Abbas Sapra to another bench.

The petition said that the judge has already decided to grant bail to the co-accused.