Khan’s foreign conspiracy claims have no truth from beginning, says US

United States Department of State spokesman Vedant Patel stated that former premier Imran Khan’s claims of foreign conspiracy in his regime ouster had no reality from the beginning.

Washington emphasized its resolve to not allow “misinformation” and “propaganda” to stand in the way of its bilateral relations with Pakistan.

Patel stated, “As we’ve previously said, there has there is not and there has never been a truth to these allegations, but I don’t have anything additional to offer.”

The US’s stern response came on Wednesday after Khan stated that if reelected, he would like to improve relations with Washington and would no longer hold Washington
responsible for his ouster as Pakistan’s prime minister.

Following an attempted murder this month on November 3, Khan stated in a recent interview with the Financial Times that he no longer blames the US for regime change in Pakistan.

Khan noted, “As far as I’m concerned it’s over, it’s behind me.”

Khan asserted time and time again that Donald Lu, the top South Asian diplomat in the US State Department, was complicit in a foreign conspiracy to overthrow his administration.

Vendant responded to rumours that PTI leadership had spoken with the US ambassador in Islamabad by saying, “I don’t have any specific meetings or calls to read out.”


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