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Imran plans another telethon to raise funds for flood victims

Visits flood relief camp in Sukkur, listens to dwellers’ problems

Former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan on Monday reached Sindh and visited a flood relief camp in Sukkur.

Accompanied by former Sindh governor Imran Ismail, PTI Sindh President Ali Zaidi, Mahmood Moulvi and other party leaders, he met the flood victims and listened to the problems being faced by them.

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Imran Khan also had lunch with the flood victims at the relief camp and discussed the ways for disbursement of aid among the masses.

He was apprised of the problems faced by the people due to the current situation. He said the disaster the country had to face was very painful.

Imran also said that Sindh had faced more disaster than other provinces. He further said that his team would tell him in which area to provide relief first. “From the money they collected, Rs1 billion will be provided to the flood-affected people of Sindh”, the PTI chairman said.

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Vowing to not leave the flood-stricken people alone, Imran also promised that if his party gets another chance to rule the country, he would build the dams. He said he was planning another telethon to collect more funds through such events for flood victims of Sindh and other provinces.

He said that soon after rooting out the Zardari dynasty from Sindh, the PTI would try its best to overhaul the collapsed drainage and other rickety infrastructures of the province to avoid such disasters in the future. He alleged that Zardari was like a dangerous virus that had plagued the entire province and had been forcing people to live in subhuman conditions even during their worst times due to floods.

The PTI chief said that he had arrived to Sindh to get briefing from his party leaders and promised to visit against with a huge relief package for the people of Sindh.

Speaking to the party leaders during an important meeting, Imran said that he was not a person to duck under pressure despite the vindictive tactics of the “imported rulers”, who according to him were just like scarecrows.

He said that he had decided to spend more time Sindh to meet the notables of the province to help those displaced due to heavy rains and subsequent floods in every district.

Later, addressing an event, Imran urged the youth of Sindh to be part of his team to defeat former president Asif Ali Zardari. He said Zardari had empowered the ‘system of injustice’ in Sindh. He claimed that the PPP co-chairman had stolen Sindh’s money and transferred it abroad. Due to the looting of the “Zardari mafia”, the rural areas of Sindh were left far behind in terms of development, he added.



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