Imran reiterates ‘dissolving assemblies before May 14’ for same day elections

Addressing a rally in Lahore, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan said that in the talks yesterday, they would to say only thing that assemblies should be dissolved before May 14. He said that PTI was ready for same day elections.

Imran Khan was addressing the PTI rally that started from Liberty Roundabout and was attended by a large number of party workers and supporters.

Imran Khan addressed the rally from inside the car at Nasir Bagh and said that criminals have been imposed. He said that the ruling parties wanted to hold elections only when they will understand that he [Imran] has gone out of the way. He claimed that their only purpose was to remove him somehow.

He said that the Supreme Court has clearly said that Punjab elections will be held on May 14, the Supreme Court said of talks with them and if they agree then elections will be held not only in Punjab but in the whole country.

The former prime minister said that if these people violate the constitution or do something against the judges, then PTI will be on the streets and will stand with the Supreme Court and the Chief Justice.

He said that till date PTI protested peacefully due to the economic situation and if the constitution is violated then there will be a law of the jungle in the country.

He said that if thieves and handlers violate the constitution, then the nation will come out with him, if the powerful do not care about the constitution and the law, then the country will become a banana public.

Imran Khan told all party supporters to prepare as situation will get clear during the next week, everyone will know whether there is a constitution in the country or the law of the jungle.

PTI Chairman said that elections were to be held in 90 days if the assembly was finished, the caretaker government did not do a single thing for the election. He said that 70 percent of the people in the country do not have elected representatives.

After Imran Khan’s address in Nasir Bagh, the rally ended and former prime minister left for Zaman Park.