Imran urges CJP to probe police attack on Zaman Park

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has urged Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Umar Ata Bandial to open a thorough probe into the continuous threats to his life and the attack on his Zaman Park residence.

The former prime minister alleged that a plot to assassinate him once more was afoot in a letter addressed to the top judge and dated March 20.

On Saturday, Khan’s house was raided by the Punjab Police when he was at Islamabad Judicial Complex for his court hearing in the Toshakhana case.

Imran Khan also claimed in his letter that he repeatedly asked courts for video link capabilities for many court hearings since his “life is in danger”. “With no security provided to me and with one assassination plot already attempted against my life in Wazirabad, I have been placing my life at risk every time I have to make a court appearance,” he added.

PTI Chairman added that his claims that his life was in danger were supported by what happened during his Saturday appearance at the Islamabad Court Complex.

The former prime minister also wrote that as PTI reached Islamabad and was making their way to the courthouse, they were surrounded by containers meant to prevent my arrival at the building and before the magistrate to feign a lack of attendance.

“When I was halfway through the gate of the complex the police attacked the workers around my car without any provocation,” Khan wrote.

The PTI chairman further stated that while PTI lawyers were barred from entering the facility and beaten back from the door, 20 or more unidentified (Namaloom) individuals who lacked uniforms or other forms of identification were permitted entry. They did this to kill me.

Khan slammed the provincial government, saying, “As I was dealing with all of this in Islamabad, the Punjab police attacked my residence in Zaman Park in flagrant violation of the orders issued by the Honorable Lahore High Court.”

Stating that his wife — a “very private, non-political” person — was alone in the house at that time with a couple of domestic staff, the former premier said: “The breaking of my gate and illegal entry by a group of armed police was also a clear violation of the Islamic principle of sanctity of chadar and chardiwari.”

He asked for a serious probe into these incidents as his final request in his letter.