Imran urges Pakistanis to take part in much-hyped PTI long march

PTI chief Imran Khan on Thursday urged all Pakistanis to participate in his party’s much-hyped long march on Saturday (Nov 26) in what appears to be his final showdown with the incumbent government to force it to announce early elections.

“Dear Pakistanis, I want all of you to participate in our haqeeqi long march in Pindi at 1pm on Saturday,” he said in a short video statement. Imran said that only a nation which has justice in it will get real freedom. “When there is justice, there are rights. When there are rights, a nation is free. Only an independent nation is prosperous,” he went on to say.

The former premier said that the nation will not stay silent until it gets real freedom. “I am coming for you despite my [health] condition and all of you need to come to Pindi for me,” he concluded. Khan, referring to his health condition after his attack, said: “I am coming out in this condition for the people of this country and all of you should reach Rawalpindi for me on Saturday.”

The plaster to support PTI chief Imran Khan’s fractured leg has been removed, his physician Dr Khalid Niazi said.

Dr Niazi said that the wounds on the upper part of Khan’s lower right limb have almost healed, while the wounds on the lower part will take a week to heal. He added that Khan can now wash his leg and put weight on it as well. Following the development, doctors allowed Khan to travel.

Meanwhile, senior PTI leader Asad Umar presided over a meeting regarding the party’s preparation for the long march in Rawalpindi. Senior PTI leadership including Umar Ayub, Shibli Faraz, Ali Nawaz and others participated in the meeting. The meeting discussed the overall preparations for the long march in Rawalpindi. The security plan, long march route and other significant matters also came under discussion.

The meeting was briefed that a caravan had left from Karachi for Rawalpindi whereas two others were ready to begin their journey to the garrison city from Quetta and Gilgit-Baltistan. Issues regarding the provision of all basic needs including food and accommodation to the participants of the march were also discussed in the meeting.

“The nation is fully united and eager to achieve real freedom,” Umar said, adding that the party would welcome caravans from all over Pakistan in Rawalpindi.


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