Imran welcomes SC verdict on Article 63-A

Says becoming PM was a trap Shehbaz fell into 8Zardari enjoying PM’s predicament and criticism

PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday thanked the Supreme Court for its verdict on Article 63-A, declaring the votes of dissenting lawmakers invalid.

“We are thankful to the Supreme Court… the Supreme Court has saved moralities from damage.” Imran stated that Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shehbaz would no longer be able to hold the office of the province’s executive following the court’s verdict as the PML-N formed the provincial government with the help of rebels PTI MPAs. “Now I know for sure that chicken prices will come down in Punjab,” he remarked. The former premier also requested the apex court to hear corruption cases of the Sharif family, saying that they have “destroyed” the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to get relief in corruption cases.

Imran Khan claimed that Shehbaz Sharif “fell into the trap” by becoming the prime minister of the country, saying that the latter’s ally Asif Ali Zardari outweighed all the allied parties, including the PML-N. “Shehbaz Sharif had a great desire to become the prime minister because his elder brother [Nawaz Sharif] also served as premier for three terms but now he has fallen in the trap,” Imran said while addressing a rally in Kohat on Tuesday which is part of his party’s so-called “real freedom” movement against the coalition government led by the PML-N. Imran said that in the entire scenario, PPP Co-Chairperson Zardari is enjoying the most because the PML-N is facing criticism on all issues, including inflation and devaluation of the rupee.

“Zardari really outweighs the PML-N… he is enjoying as Shehbaz is receiving backlash over rising inflation, depreciating rupee while he is part of the federal cabinet and has ‘occupied’ Sindh as well,” he said. The PTI chairman said the opposition would call his government incompetent and inexperienced. “They used to tell us that we are incompetent and they are experienced but now where is their experience because the country’s economy has been destroyed…”