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Imran won’t return to Islamabad in ‘six centuries’: Marriyum

Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb on Friday said Imran Khan would never return to Islamabad with a so-called long march again as the masses did not support him anymore due to his 4-year rule of corruption, nepotism, loot and plunder.

“Six days aside, he (Imran) will not return to Islamabad in the next six centuries,” she said while making it clear to all and sundry that the fresh election would be held on completion of the coalition government’s constitutional term.

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Addressing a news conference, she said it was the prerogative of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and its allies to announce the fresh election date and they would do so.

She said the people had realised that Imran is a kleptomaniac, thief, an incompetent and imbecile person who ruined the economy, devalued the rupee, rendered millions of youth unemployed and burdened the people with massive debts.

The minister termed Imran’s march a “flop show” and advised him to stay at home as it would be difficult for him to face the people who had rejected the politics of vandalism, arson and sabotage.

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She said staying at home was the only option for Imran as his politics and political narrative had been buried by the masses, who had decided to support the politics of progress, development and prosperity.

Marriyum said the journey of progress had been started under the dynamic leadership of PM Shehbaz Sharif who was working day and night to steer the country out of economic crisis and provide the maximum relief.

She said the prime minister would address the nation on Friday night and inform them about the elements of the economic plan prepared by the PML-N government in consultation with its allies.

“The people will see the difference tonight that the country had not a prime minister who got to know from TV that the rupee had devalued and inflation gone up,” she said, adding Shehbaz Sharif was a hands-on PM who was chalking out a plan which would help reduce the burden of the conditions accepted by the government in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) agreement.

She said a plan was underway to ease the IMF agreement’s conditions with policy fixes for the public who would be provided relief through fiscal management.

The conditions in the agreement were agreed upon by the Imran-led government, she said, vowing that a plan was also being devised to ensure people-friendly negotiations with the IMF in the future.

She said as per the PTI regime’s agreement with IMF, the Imran led government promised to increase the price of petroleum products every month and the mafias near Imran were the major beneficiary.

Marriyum said the present government could have raised the price of petrol and diesel on the very first day after coming into power based on the PTI government and IMF deal, but it realized that the masses were already suffering under the burden of inflation and even now this decision was taken with heavy heart.

She said when Imran realized that he would be voted out through a no-confidence motion, he announced a subsidy on petroleum products which was opposed by his finance minister and secretary of finance.

She said the person who could not hold a small public gathering in Islamabad, would never launch a long march again. What sort of the long march was it? The leader was airborne and gave a call to its workers to reach D-Chowk and use brute force against the policemen.



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