Imran’s detractors will wear themselves out: Cheema

PTI leaders says essential for all parties to sit together to hold new elections

Adviser to Chief Minister on Information Omar Sarfraz Cheema has said that those “hatching conspiracies” against Imran Khan will tire themselves out but his resolve will persist.

“Those indulging in conspiracies against democracy, economy and the country met with failure in the past and will face humiliation and failure in future as well,” he said and added that when 1/3rd of the country was drowned in flood Shehbaz Sharif went to Qatar, Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman went to Turkey and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari also went on foreign tours. At that time, PTI Chairman Imran Khan, who felt the pain of the people, was busy holding a telethon for the welfare of the people. The federal government could not digest the people’s friendliness with Imran Khan, he said.

“They imposed restrictions on the mainstream and social media and tried to make the telethon a failure. The swindlers of PDM by adopting such fascist measures are merely enhancing the popularity of Imran Khan,” Cheema said while addressing a press conference at DGPR office on Tuesday. On this occasion, he said that the KP and Punjab governments are determined to help the flood victims from day one. “PTI, during its tenure in government, granted Rs1,200 billion package on Covid but the incumbent federal government only makes false claims, issues statements and delivers nothing.”

He said that by finishing one slab benefit from the electricity bills of all the domestic consumers will be burdened more. He said that standing crops were badly damaged due to the flood calamity and the wheat stock available with the government also suffered. CM Punjab Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi took timely notice with regard to food security and sought permission from the federal government to import one million tonnes of wheat. Intentionally creating impediments in this request depicts PDM’s hatred and malice towards the government of the people, Cheema said while adding that despite facing difficulties, the Punjab government has decided to dispatch 64,000 tonnes of wheat to Balochistan.

He further said that the PDM gang has miserably failed in the political field and that’s why they are trying to find back doors in order to sneak into power. Omar Sarfraz Cheema said that the federal government gives statements every passing day to resolve the problems by sitting together but when Imran Khan gave a formula to save the country four months earlier they did not pay heed to it. Yesterday, Imran Khan once again gave a green signal to resolve all the problems of the country including eradicating political instability which made a complete silence among the ranks of the federal government.

Now they are trying to find an excuse to escape from holding negotiations. Adviser on Information informed that when PTI left the government then the GDP was more than 4% and now has climbed down to 0.6%. Increasing the prices of petrol and electricity on a daily basis with a sense of apathy towards the masses is drifting the people into the quagmire of difficulties. He said that the PDM has lost its political and moral credibility and owing to this it is essential for all to sit together for holding new elections as a new people friendly and a stable government can steer the country out of the economic morass. In reply to a question regarding Chief Secretary, he said that there is no pressure on the present Chief Secretary with regard to work.

The government officers are the servants of the government and the people and not personal servants of the government. He said that the PTI wants foreign policy of the country to conform to its national interests and we believe in having friendship with other countries of the world and relationships should not base on slavery. In reply to a question he said PTI for the first time in the history of the country provided its 40 thousand donors data and audit reports to the Election Commission Of Pakistan while the other parties only provided chits. When Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman was asked about the party funding then he replied about receiving aid from hidden sources and its accounts cannot be maintained.