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‘Increase in paddy cultivation in Punjab not good for Sindh’

Pakistan People’s Party Senator Taj Haider has expressed concern at Punjab increasing the cultivation of paddy crops, saying it was not good for Sindh and national interests because there was no drinking water for the people of Sindh.

Talking to the media in Sukkur, Taj said that the cultivation of paddy crops in Punjab was worrying, but after glacial melting the water shortage would be overcome and a flood situation might arise. He recalled that once a Chinese team came here and they were surprised and asked if Pakistan was indeed an agricultural country and pointed to the lack of crop pattern in Pakistan. They suggested effective planning for agriculture and stressed that the supply of water was the main matter, he said.

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Talking about the former prime minister, he said that Imran Khan had left the “crutch of the establishment” and came back to the people; therefore, he must be congratulated.

He also asked Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah to pay attention to the law and order situation, adding that arrests would lead to anarchy in the country. “Anarchy will destabilise the country; politicians should focus on solving problems instead of using threatening and foul language,” he added.

Taj said that the census showed that 30 percent of the population of Sindh was underestimated which was a big violation of the province. Sindh’s seats have been reduced due to low population, he said, adding that no country had made progress on foreign aid to date. “A country achieves development by increasing domestic production,” he stressed.



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