India alarmed by China’s efforts to have Pakistan join BRICS

If China succeeds in making countries under its influence a member of BRICS, India will be isolated, report

Picture source - AFP/Getty Images
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The BRICS Leaders’ Conference of Brazil, Russia, China, India and South Africa is going to be held in Johannesburg from August 22 to 24. This important conference of BRICS leaders will be held on August 23. On August 24, leaders of BRICS member states will meet African leaders.

The BBC quoted experts as claiming that Pakistan also wants to join the “BRICS” alliance and China is trying to make it a member of BRICS.

The BBC also claimed that a large number of Pakistan’s non-official representatives will participate in the BRICS summit.

Arvind Yeltri, associate professor at the Centre for East Asian Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University, told the BBC, “India fears that China may occupy BRICS, because Russia is completely under Chinese influence after the Ukraine war.” That is why Russia’s influence in BRICS is decreasing and China has also started establishing its influence in the Gulf countries. ‘

“If China succeeds in making countries under its influence a member of BRICS, India will be isolated in this important global organization,” he said.

The Financial Times reported that China wants to make BRICS a competitor to the G7 group of seven of the world’s seven largest developed economies.

“China wants to use BRICS as an anti-NATO bloc. This is a moment of concern for India because India has good relations with the United States and European countries,” the report said.

Dr Ishtiaq, an international affairs expert and professor at Quaid-e-Azam University in Islamabad, told BBC Urdu that India is currently trying to work with both the US and China.

According to Dr Ishtiaq, the Chinese model is succeeding in the developed countries of the world, in which such alliances are being formed beyond the political system of any country, the human rights situation there, in which economic cooperation is discussed. For this reason, China’s Bullet and Road Initiative has spread to 154 countries of the world.

Today, he says, economic issues around the world have become more important than security threats. That is why countries around the world are becoming part of economic cooperation organizations.

For this reason, Russia is also trying to be neutral on the issue of Ukraine, which is due to the reality of the global economy. On the one hand, it is buying oil and weapons from Russia; on the other hand, it is discussing trade and security with the United States.

According to him, India is not afraid of other countries including Saudi Arabia, Pakistan joining BRICS because India and Pakistan are also included in the SCO.

According to Dr Ishtiaq, Pakistan’s joining BRICS would be welcome as it would not only provide opportunities for free trade and economic cooperation with other countries in the region, but Pakistan and India would also move towards resolving many disputes between them.

He said that in the future world, countries will be seen on economic cooperation rather than political perspective and in this race, America and Europe are losing to China.