India furious on Germany’s stance on Kashmir Issue

Indian Foreign Ministry exposed Indian isolation on Kashmir issue, Foreign Office

Picture source - Reuters

India was deeply troubled by Germany’s support for a more active role of the United Nations (UN) in resolving the Kashmir issue.

Pakistan has rejected the Indian Foreign Ministry’s objection to the joint press conference of Pak-German foreign ministers.

Pakistan has said that the statement of the Indian Foreign Ministry has exposed that India has been isolated in the international community on the issue of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (IIOJK).

German Foreign Minister Annalina Bierbok said in a press conference with Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari that the UN should play an active role in resolving the Kashmir issue.

German foreign minister also said, “Germany also has a role and responsibility with regard to the situation in Kashmir. Therefore, we support intensively the engagement of the United Nations, to find peaceful resolutions in the region.”

Indian External Affairs Ministry’s (EAM) spokesperson Arindam Bagchi, in an apparent reference to Pakistan, had said that the global community had a responsibility to “call out international terrorism, especially of a cross-border nature”. He also blamed, “The UN Security Council and FATF (Financial Action Task Force) are still pursuing Pakistan-based terrorists involved in the horrific 26/11 attacks.”

In a statement, the Foreign Office spokesman said that the Foreign Ministers of Pakistan and Germany had emphasized on the peaceful and just resolution of the IIOJK dispute; adding that the foreign ministers agreed to intensify international efforts to resolve the issue.

The foreign office spokesman also said that India’s remarks have shown the frustration of being isolated at the international level due to illegal occupation, India should address the concerns of the international community regarding occupied Kashmir.

The foreign office’s spokesman said that Pakistan’s achievements in counter-terrorism have been recognized internationally. He said that India has tried to misuse its membership in FATF and notice of irresponsible Indian behaviour should be taken.


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