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India shows concern over humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan

Indian Envoy at the UN R Ravindra said that approach to Afghanistan will be driven by historical friendship and the unique bond with the Afghan people but India is extremely worried about the emerging humanitarian crisis in the country.

Deputy Permanent Representative R. Ravindra stated at the UN General Assembly that “as a contiguous neighbour of Afghanistan with strong historical and cultural links, India’s approach to Afghanistan will be guided by our historical friendship and special relationship with the Afghan people.”

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The ambassador emphasized that fighting terrorism and drug smuggling, forming a truly inclusive and representative government, and protecting the rights of women, children, and minorities are among India’s top priorities in Afghanistan.

“India is really worried about how the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan is developing. India has dispatched multiple shipments of humanitarian and medical help in response to the needs of the Afghan people.”

The representative stressed that India is actively involved with the international community on matters about Afghanistan and that it is closely watching the security situation in Afghanistan.

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He also referred to the terrorist attacks on houses of worship and other religious institutions as a worrying trend, particularly when they target minority communities.

We must all work together to achieve peace and security in Afghanistan, which are vital needs. The envoy declared that India would keep playing its part in the effort to achieve this goal.



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