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Thursday, September 29, 2022
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Indian BSF attack Pakistani vessels, arrest a fisherman

Indian Border Security Force (BSF) officials attacked vessels of Pakistani fishermen at Hurami Doro of Arabian Sea near Jati on Saturday.

According to a spokesperson for Pakistan FisherFolk Forum Noor Muhammad, more than a dozen Indian officials attacked five vessels of Pakistani fishermen who were busy fishing within Pakistani waterways, and arrested a fisherman belonging to Jati town of Sujawal district, while around 10 fishers saved themselves by diving into deep sea.

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The Indian forces had also seized the five vessels of the fishermen. It was revealed that this was the seventh onslaught of its kind on Pakistani fishermen by the Indian Security forces during this year.

The number of Pakistani fishermen languishing in Indian jails has risen to 55, adding that those fishermen who had dived into the deep sea to save their lives were still missing.



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