Indian government decides to abolish all cantonment boards

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The Central Government of India has decided to abolish all 62 Cantonment Boards in the country.

According to Indian media, the central government issued a notification on April 27 to change the status of the cantonment.

According to the notification, urban areas falling under cantonment boards will be handed over to municipal bodies and army areas will be converted into military stations, thus ending the British colonial-era cantonment system in India.

The new cantonment-bifurcation plan has already been finished in Yol town, as evidenced by the defense ministry’s April 27 notice of it. Next on the list is the cantonment of Nasirabad in Rajasthan.

“The process will be faster in cantonments where the demarcation between civil and military areas is easy. Others will take time,” an official said.

According to Indian media, there are a total of 62 cantonment boards in India at present.

According to the report, the abolition of cantonment boards will start in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh bordering China, this cantonment will soon be converted into a military station.

Similar actions in the past have sparked intense criticism, leading many to speculate that the influential politician-builder lobby was coveting the vast cantonments since it had almost run out of lucrative land in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Pune, Kolkata, Ambala, and others.