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Indian man who lost 22 relatives during partition finds lost nephew in Pakistan

YouTubers from both sides helped find lost nephew

A 92-years old Indian man who had lost his 22 relatives has found his lost nephew in Pakistan.

Sarwan Singh, a 92-year-old native of Indian Punjab, is set to meet his long-lost nephew at Gurdwara Kartarpur Sahib. Abdul Khaliq, whose name was Mohan Singh before partition, was just six years old at that time.

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According to a media report, Sarwan Singh, who is settled in Canada and is currently living in Punjab after the pandemic struck, owes the tracing of his nephew to two YouTubers.

Jandiala’s Harjit Singh, an Indian YouTuber, had initiated the search of Mohan around eight months ago. Five months after he had posted the video, Muhammad Javed Iqbal, a Pakistani YouTuber, told the story of Abdul Khaliq who was separated from his Hindu khatri family. One of the things highlighted in the video was that Abdul had two thumbs on his hand.

After being contacted by Australia-settled Gurdev Singh, a video call was arranged between Sarawan and Abdul Khaliq, in which the latter confirmed his birth mark identification on his left thigh. After the video call, the two started talking on their own and are set to meet at Gurdwara Kartarpur Sahib.

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Sarwan’s family was living in a village in present-day Pakistani side at the time of partition. The family could not survive during the riots and most members were killed. Sarwan has said that he had never lost hope of finding his nephew. He had spoken to Pakistanis living in Canada and even Counsel General of Pakistan to help him find his lost nephew.



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