Indian PM’s arrival in Munich met with chants of ‘Modi not welcome’ by expats

Picture source - APP

Indian expatriates chanted ‘Modi not Welcome’ and ‘Go Back Modi’ as their Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Germany to attend the G-7 summit on Sunday.

According to a report by APP, in a protest against their prime minister’s Hindutva ideology and the Indian government’s policies of Hindu supremacy, Indian expatriates gathered before the day of his arrival in Munich.

Indian protestors had come together to protest Narendra Modi’s pursuit of Hindutva ideology through the marginalization of the non-Hindu communities in India.

Indian academic and critic of the Bharatiya Janata Party-led government, stated while sharing a video of the protest that this was something the media would never show.

Protestors were also seen with banners calling for an end to genocide in India.

Moreover, people from various nationalities expressed their comments regarding Narendra Modi’s policies with the hashtag ‘#ModiNotWelcomeInMunich’ on Twitter.

Modi arrived in Munich as one of the five guest leaders to the G7 summit. However, this is not a first when it comes to Modi’s treatment abroad.

The Indian prime minister’s earlier tour in Europe had witnessed protests similar in nature, with demonstrations against human rights violations and brutalities against religious minorities in India.


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