Indian state of Haryana remains in turbulent situation despite curfew

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Indian authorities have imposed a curfew and increased security in the Nuh region of Haryana, according to local media on Thursday.

Additionally, according to reports, internet censorship in Nuh has been postponed until August 5th.

According to the most recent dispatches from regional Indian media, the police have stated that the situation in Gurgaon is entirely normal. 22 FIRs have been filed thus far, and 21 suspects have been taken into custody.

On Monday afternoon, fighting broke out in Nuh during a procession organized by the Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad, two radical groups that support the restoration of India’s historic Hindu dominance.

According to the BBC, a video from Nuh showed a mob throwing stones while stores and automobiles were set on fire.

As the altercations intensified, more than 2,000 people who had come to town to participate in the parade were trapped in a temple. Later, the cops forced them to leave.

In addition, the Noh district rioting on Monday resulted in at least six fatalities and more than 50 injuries, including 20 police officers, according to the BBC, quoting Indian media.

The conflict quickly expanded to the nearby communities of Faridabad, Palwal, and Gurugram (formerly Gurgaon), which are on the outskirts of the capital, Delhi. The conflict raged for many hours.

A mob in Gurugram set fire to a mosque on Wednesday.

According to some local reports, dozens of Muslim families may have left their houses as a result of the police’s harsh curfew because they feared another mob attack by radical Hindu organizations and arbitrary police detentions, according to a report from TRTWorld yesterday.

It further stated that at least 2,000 Muslims, largely men, have left their communities in and around Nuh, citing a top lawyer and activist from Nuh.