Indian team is more focused on winning against Pakistani cricket team

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As the anticipation rises for the India-Pakistan showdown in the 2023 Asia Cup, Indian cricketer Ravindra Jadeja shared his thoughts on playing against their rivals.

He stated that despite the immense fan excitement, he and his teammates approach the match like any other for India.

Jadeja acknowledged the pressure to perform well but highlighted the unpredictable nature of outcomes.

“Whenever there is an India-Pakistan match, everyone expects a lot and wants us to win the match at any cost. But for us, any match for India is as much important as the match against Pakistan,” he said.

He emphasized both teams’ shared goal of victory while recognizing that results aren’t guaranteed.

Jadeja underlined the significance of giving their utmost effort and maintaining a focus on winning, as they gear up for the Asia Cup clash and a subsequent meeting in the World Cup.

This encounter comes after their last encounter in the T20 World Cup, where India emerged victorious.

The two teams are set to meet multiple times in these tournaments, adding to the excitement.