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Saturday, December 10, 2022
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EditorialIndian Twitter war on Pakistan

Indian Twitter war on Pakistan

Fifth-generation warfare is becoming more relevant as the world progresses. Propaganda, misinformation, and cyber attacks have become the norm, especially in high-tension areas such as India and Pakistan. The ongoing struggle to liberate Kashmir has agitated either side several times, and this is why Pakistan and India have seen some unpleasant times throughout their shared history of equal years. A study conducted by Stanford University revealed that some corps of the Indian Army was involved in spreading hate and misinformation online on platforms such as Twitter. It was revealed that the social media network had blocked various accounts that were operating to spread hate against the Pakistani Army and those Kashmiris who want a liberated Kashmir, free from the oppression of the Indian Military.

According to the study, under the Chinar corps of the Indian military, many accounts were made using fake names and pictures only for propaganda and the spread of false news. These accounts, which are also colloquially termed “bots” on social media, were using tactics such as hashtags and tagging profiles to spread misinformation. As a result of their mischief, many real users of Twitter from Pakistan and Kashmir would get into online brawls with these fake accounts. The platform blocked these users due to their spamming efforts, where they tweeted the same thing multiple times in order to gain attention. The accounts also spread rumors of the intelligence wing of the Pakistani army training social media bots through internships. They claimed that ISI had built a network of over 4,000 highly qualified information warfare, specialists during the past decade.

This fairly new type of warfare seems to be more hurtful than the traditional methods. Although the earlier ones caused devastation and loss of lives, fifth-generation warfare has become an obstacle in the road to the prosperity of the attacked nation. India has been involved in these tactics for a while now. In itself, Pakistan’s actions have not been at a level where they should be shunned by the world, but the propaganda that is let out in the world has apparently turned the nation of 220 million into terrorists.

Now that the information is out, it has been revealed that India has spent millions on creating fake accounts to weaken Pakistan’s position in the world. For years, the country and its people have been suffering in the western world by being called terrorists. It is no secret that India has always been involved in destabilizing Pakistan through its operations in Balochistan and Kashmir. For years, it has been involved in perpetrating attacks on CPEC as India does not want China or Pakistan to progress. The Indian media have always been dramatic and provided exaggerated content. This has also brought some shame to them many times due to irresponsible reporting. The involvement of the Army, however, is disturbing and a little funny as well. The ‘bots’ created by certain units of the army were also exposed many times, causing embarrassment to the nation as they were easily trapped by the Pakistani army. If India really wants to play with fire, it needs to up its game and train some highly qualified information warfare specialists as they claim the Pak Army has through internships.


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