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Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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EditorialIndian war plans

Indian war plans

A senior Indian military official’s claim that some parts of Azad Kashmir could be taken over has been swiftly refuted by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), calling it “an apt manifestation of the delusional mindset” of the Indian army. Lt. Gen. Upendra Dwivedi’s statement, which followed Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh’s comments about “recovering” areas of Azad Kashmir and his assertions that locals were subjected to human rights violations, prompted the response. The assertion that terrorists have “launching pad camps” in Azad Kashmir is untrue, as are the senior Indian military officer’s comments about Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The claim is an example of the Indian armed forces’ propaganda thinking. In order to deflect attention from its illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir and ongoing suppression of the right to self-determination movement there, the Indian army fabricates such unsubstantiated claims.It is tragic that there is a lack of concern for Indian actions in occupied Kashmir and a criminal silence. India has been stoking the market for murders in occupied Kashmir for 75 years. Since 1988, 40,768 Kashmiris have died as martyrs, including 15,147 civilians and 25,203 Hurriyat members. 11,560 children have been left orphaned, 11,075 houses or other construction structures have been damaged, and 110,185 people have been injured since 2000. Thousands of women have also been assaulted. No international organisation, including the United Nations and international human rights organisations, has taken note of India’s heinous actions. India appears to be able to act irrationally in occupied Kashmir for this reason. The life of minorities in India has also been made difficult as a result of these actions by India, which are not limited to Occupied Kashmir.

The world is now aware of the fact that, as part of its expansionist goals, India forcefully incorporated Kashmir, which was under its illegitimate control, into the Indian state union on August 5, 2019, and Kashmiris who were fighting for independence. All regional and international representative organisations, including the UN Security Council, the European Parliament, and the British Parliament, denounced this Indian action because Indian designs pose serious threats to regional and global peace and security. In contrast, India’s civil and military leaders began making a number of innuendos against Pakistan. India’s Hindu extremist government did not miss out on this global protest. The Modi administration is looking for justifications to attack Azad Kashmir and the northern regions. Indian warplanes entered Pakistani airspace on February 26 and 27, 2019, after India had earlier accused Pakistan of being responsible for a terrorist attack on an Indian military convoy in Pulwama and threatened to invade and kill it. The courageous and expert Pakistan Air Force forces shot down two warplanes in the air, and one pilot, Abhinandan, was detained. This should have made India aware of the Pakistan Army’s dedication to protecting Pakistan’s territorial integrity. The recent Indian claim that there are terrorist training camps in Azad Kashmir is also a blatant sign that Azad Kashmir is being prepared for war, but no such plot will succeed; rather, it is for regional peace and security. The world’s leaders and representative international organisations must stop Indian fanaticism because it will undoubtedly lead to more dangers.

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