Innovation key to successful entrepreneurship: Meher

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Coordinator to Federal Tax Ombudsman and former senior vice president chamber Meher Kashif Younis on Sunday said that innovation is a key to successful entrepreneurship for promoting business and enhancing profitability besides competing for local and global markets.

He stated this in his keynote address at a workshop on the ‘Importance of Innovation in Entrepreneurship’ held under the aegis of United Business Group in the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Lahore, according to a press release received here.

He said the successful exploitation of new ideas is crucial to a business being able to improve its process and better the products and services to market, increase its efficiency and most importantly, enhance its profitability.

He said marketplaces — whether local, national, regional or global — are becoming highly competitive.

As a result, competition has increased, whereas internet is offering knowledge-sharing opportunities.

He said innovation enhances the nature, creativity and design thinking process of a brand.

Meher Kashif said a new business could attain the height of success by learning the steps of creativeness. He said it could open the doors of various opportunities by helping the business keep up with the trends, as it also helps grow your business manifolds with a better range of products.

He said, “We need to work together and use the skills within our communities to build a strong, diverse and sustainable business.”

Further adding, he said, “We also need to get better at clearly communicating how climate change will affect us… if we don’t reduce our carbon dioxide emissions, reduce global warming and clean up our land and the ocean.”


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