Instagram steps Up against spam DMs with new messaging safeguards

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Instagram, a photo- and video-sharing application owned by Meta, has taken significant steps to combat unsolicited and spammy direct messages (DMs) from strangers. Following a test in June, the platform has implemented measures to reduce unwanted message requests from users who are not on your list of followers.

The latest update limits DMers outside of your following list to sending just one message invite before initiating a conversation with you. Additionally, these messages can only contain text, eliminating the risk of receiving unsolicited photos, videos, or voice messages in the message requests.

Previously, users could send an unlimited number of message requests, resulting in potential spam issues and privacy concerns. With this new update, users can send additional messages only after their initial request has been accepted, ensuring a more controlled and secure communication experience.

To access these message requests, users can find the “Requests” button located above the inbox in the DM tab. However, it is important to note that Instagram users will only receive such requests if their privacy settings require others to send a request before initiating a conversation.

Cindy Southworth, Meta’s head of women’s safety, stated that the goal is to empower users with confidence and control when opening their inboxes. The company is actively testing additional features, aiming to prevent people from receiving images, videos, or multiple messages from individuals they don’t follow until they have accepted a request to chat.

In addition to enhancing messaging safeguards, Meta has also introduced more comprehensive parental controls for both Instagram and Messenger. This move is aimed at providing parents with better insight into their child’s activities on these platforms, further demonstrating the company’s commitment to creating a safer and secure online environment for all its users.