Interim prime minister in favour of one-party rule

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Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar has raised the topic of policy consistency, asserting that it is attainable in a one-party rule but not within the framework of a liberal democracy and parliamentary system. He explained that in a one-party government, which may rule for extended periods, policies can be pursued consistently, whether they are right or wrong. In contrast, liberal democracies with parliamentary systems create policies through assessments of economic and political challenges, subjecting them to scrutiny and judgment by the people. Kakar acknowledged that expecting uniform policies in such democracies is unrealistic. Instead, governments should showcase their ability to make decisions and bear responsibility for them. Ultimately, it’s the voters who decide whether to grant mandates based on the government’s performance.

On the topic of the upcoming general elections, Kakar clarified that announcing the election date is not within the interim government’s purview. He cautioned against any attempts to engage in unlawful activities or pose questions that might lead to breaking the law. His statements underline the fundamental differences in governance and policy-making between one-party systems and liberal democracies, highlighting the role of public judgment and mandates in the latter.


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