Int’l rescuers reach K2 to search for friend’s body

By Tanveer Ahmad

A search and rescue team of mountaineers from other countries, including Australia, reached the base camp of worlds second highest peak Karakoram Two aka K2 in search of the dead body of the friend. According to sources, a search and rescue team of mountaineers including his friends has arrived at K2 base camp to search for the dead body of the missing Australian mountaineer, Matthew Eakin, who went missing in K2, the second highest peak in the world, in the Karakoram mountain range. His friends want to transfer his deadbody to Australia. Prominent Spanish mountaineer Alex Texikon is also part of the team, who has been part of several rescue operations in the past.

According to sources, Matthew’s friends want the body of the dead climber to be found and buried in their country with dignity. Matthew Eakin was killed in an avalanche near the base camp on his way back after climbing the world’s second highest peak in July 2022. Sources said that the dead body of the climber will be traced through the GPS tracker, which is still working, and his friends are hopeful of success.  According to the sources, the seven-member mountaineer search and rescue team will start searching for the dead body of the mountaineer in the next couple of days. In December 2022, these close friends of Matthew contacted his family and offered to go to Pakistan to attempt to retrieve him so that he may be buried with respect and dignity.