Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain share a cute, self-made advertisement video for Hair Energy Official

Hair Energy Official, for its wonderful hair and skincare products, does not need an introduction anymore, for more and more celebrities are also shifting their focus from other brands towards Hair Energy by Ayesha Sohaib.

Earlier, Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir along-with Yashma Gill, Alizey Shah, Yumna Zaidi and many other lovable celebrities were seen sharing their respective experiences with the brand’s products through videos on Instagram.

The latest of these is the one posted by Iqra Aziz just yesterday, a cute video publicizing the brand in a story-telling manner. Iqra Aziz is found bringing the brand’s skincare product in the form of a gift for her partner, Yasir Hussain. Upon realizing that it’s not gender specific, the husband and wife apply it to each other’s skin in an atmosphere that’s jovial and lovely.

In the caption to the video, Iqra Aziz specified that the product they are advocating is Hair Energy’s glitter mask, which seems to be far better than many expensive facials, for it instantly produces the desired results. The actress also mentioned that the brand’s Retinol stops both male and female skin alike from ageing, and is therefore a must-have for both men and women.

‘It’s an absolute lifesaver for men and women both! Highly recommended,” Iqra Aziz was found saying.

In the comments that followed, the celebrity couple procured all positive comments, with the fans showering immense love and terming the video ‘cute’.