Iran confirms arrest of 40 foreigners in protest

Picture source - AFP

The Iranian government has confirmed the arrest of 40 foreigners for their role in the ongoing Mahsa Amini demonstrations.

Mahsa Amini a 22-year-old girl died on 16 September after getting tortured by Iran’s morality police for not wearing proper clothes.

Iran’s judiciary spokesman Masoud Setayeshi stated that So far, 40 foreign nationals have been arrested for their involvement in the protests.

However, he did not reveal the nationality of detained foreigners.

Over a dozen police officers and paramilitary Basiji forces had been killed in a series of attacks by armed protestors on security personnel that had been reported across the nation.

However Iranian authorities blamed Western states for the unrest.

UN’s top rights body had also announced to hold a meeting this week and consider initiating an international probe into the brutal suppression of the massive protests roiling Iran.

Since Amini’s death, the crackdown claimed the lives of at least 378 people, including 47 children.

According to UN rights experts, thousands of nonviolent demonstrators had also been detained including many women, children, and journalists.

Six people also received death sentences for participating in the demonstrations.


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