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Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Iran detaines 533 journalist in 2022

The number of journalists detained has reached an all-time high of 533 in 2022 due to the Iran crackdown against protestors.

A report by Reporters without borders (RSF) on Wednesday stated that figures have increased from 488 to 533.

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As per a France-based NGO, More than half arrested journalists are just from China, Myanmar, Iran, Vietnam, and Belarus.

These 5 states recorded the arrest of 110 journalists in 2022 only.

The report also revealed that a record-high of 60 to 78 female journalists had been imprisoned since 2021, partly as a result of more people choosing to work as journalists.

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Christophe Deloire, RSF Secretary-General, in a statement said, “Dictatorial and authoritarian regimes are filling their prisons faster than ever by jailing journalists.”

“This new record in the number of detained journalists confirms the pressing and urgent need to resist these unscrupulous governments and to extend our active solidarity to all those who embody the ideal of journalistic freedom, independence, and pluralism,” he added.

Iran was not part of the list last year but this year it recorded a lot of journalist detention cases.

As per the report, Iran has locked up at least 34 media professionals since the Mahsa Amini protest broke out.


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