Iran threatens to punish individuals who promote removing veil

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Iran’s deputy attorney general was reported as stating on Saturday that anyone who encourages women to take off their hijabs will face criminal charges and will not be allowed to appeal a verdict.

His remarks come at a time when more and more Iranian women are defying the country’s mandatory dress code by going unveiled in malls, eateries, shops, public spaces, and other settings.

Several female activists and celebrities have also recently shared pictures of themselves on social media without the veil.

According to Iranian media, Iranian authorities put cameras in public areas on Saturday to identify and punish women who aren’t covered up.

According to deputy attorney general Ali Jamadi, “the crime of promoting unveiling will be dealt with in the criminal court whose decisions are final and unappeasable.”

“The punishment for the crime of promoting and encouraging others to remove the hijab is much heavier than the crime of removing the hijab itself because it is one of the clear examples of encouraging corruption,” he continued.

He did not specify the potential penalties or the details of the promoting unveiling.

Since the death of a 22-year-old Kurdish woman, while being held by the morality police last September, more and more Iranian women have decided to remove their headscarves.

Mahsa Amini was held for purportedly disobeying the hijab law. Security personnel forcibly put an end to the protests following her passing.