Iran unveils advanced ballistic missile ‘Khaibar’

Tehran showcases defensive nature of the nuclear program

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Tehran, the capital of Iran, recently made a significant announcement by revealing a brand-new ballistic missile during a special ceremony.

The official news agency of Iran reported that the missile was locally produced and showcased in Tehran. This development highlights Iran’s continued efforts to enhance its defense capabilities.

The newly unveiled ballistic missile is known as “Khaibar” and belongs to the fourth generation of Iranian missile technology. It boasts impressive capabilities, with a striking range of up to 2,000 kilometers. This range signifies a substantial improvement over previous missile systems, indicating Iran’s advancements in missile technology and their ability to potentially target distant locations.

The unveiling ceremony for the “Khaibar” ballistic missile was likely a highly anticipated event, symbolizing Iran’s dedication to strengthening its military capabilities. Such displays serve as demonstrations of national prowess and act as statements of deterrence in a region characterized by geopolitical tensions.

As Iran continued to develop and showcase its indigenous defense technology, it is expected to draw attention from both regional and international observers. The unveiling of the “Khaibar” ballistic missile highlights Iran’s commitment to achieving self-reliance in defense production and reinforcing its position as a regional power.

According to the report, Iran unveiled a new ballistic missile with a weight of 1,500 kilograms. This advanced weapon system, developed by the Iranian Ministry of Defense’s Aerospace Industries Organization, possesses the capability to carry a warhead.

While the United States and European countries oppose Iran’s nuclear program, Iran maintains that its nuclear activities are solely for defensive purposes.

This unveiling showcased Iran’s progress in developing powerful missiles and highlights its commitment to advancing its domestic defense industry. As Iran’s missile technology continues to evolve, it is likely to face international scrutiny.

The unveiling of this ballistic missile reinforced Iran’s determination to enhance its defense capabilities and maintain a credible deterrent.