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Iranian activists dismiss claim of morality police disbanding

Iranian activists and Western nations have dismissed the claim that Iranian authorities disbanded its morality police.

The activists insisted that there was no change to women’s rights.

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Co-founder of the US-based Abdorrahman Borou­mand Centre rights group, Roya Boroumand, asserted that unless all legal limits on women’s attire and regulations governing citizens’ private life are lifted, this initiative is merely a public relations stunt.

According to Germany’s foreign ministry, the disbanding of the morality police won’t change that” since Iranian demonstrators want to live freely and in self-determination.

US State Department said, “Nothing we have seen suggests Iran’s leadership is improving its treatment of women and girls or ceasing the violence it inflicts on peaceful protesters.”

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In a surprise move on Sunday Iran prosecutor General Mohammad Jafar Montazeri revealed that morality police units also known as Gasht-e Ershad had been closed down.

The morality police disbandment was announced
due to the continuous protest, Iran is facing ever since 22-year-old Mahsa Amini’s death on 16 September after getting tortured by morality police for not wearing modest clothes.

The death of Amini sparked protests spearheaded by women that have grown into the largest challenge to the leadership since the Islamic revolution of 1979. There have been hundreds of deaths in Iran, including some security personnel.


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